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About Rocking L

Chad Lindula, founder of Rocking L Miniature Cattle Ranch, first heard of miniature cattle in 2006 and couldn't believe their existence.  He was particularly taken with the iconic look of Scottish Highlands in a size perfect for a hobby farm or family.  After years of research and networking, Chad began his own breeding program of these unbelievable animals with a herd of Kentshires.  Kentshires provided the perfect starting point to learn about caring for these unique creatures, but Chad couldn't shake the need for miniature Scottish Highlands.

Today, Rocking L has transitioned to exclusively breeding miniature Scottish Highland cattle as well as designer Highland crossbreeds.  We pride ourselves on our bespoke approach to breeding.  Our herd consists of only nine hand-selected cattle - five micro miniature Scottish Highland cows, three miniature White Park cows, and our prize micro miniature Scottish Highland bull, Ohno.

The ranch, located in Buckley, WA, resides on four acres of pasture and features an additional nine acres of forest for the herd to freely graze and roam.  For more information, please contact us and follow along on Facebook and Instagram!