Our herd consists of only nine hand-selected miniature and micro miniature cattle, none of which are over 38" tall.  Our only bull, Ohno, is a micro miniature Scottish Highland who stands fully grown at just 34.5".  All of our calves are bred from him and one of our micro miniature Scottish Highland cows or miniature White Park cows.  We are expecting several Scottish Highland calves in the coming months and eagerly anticipate our first designer crossbred High Park calves next year.


We typically sell our calves weaned at six-months-old, but bottle calves are available upon request.  We love our animals and don't feel like it would be right to ship them off across the country to a new owner sight unseen.  That being said, we love having new people out to the ranch, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.  Whether you're looking to buy or are just a fan of our animals, we'd love to hear from you!

Chad-Tel: 253-315-0925    
Email: chadlindula@comcast.net
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