We have some exciting news to share!


As you may already know, our micro miniature highlands are incomparable to other highlands. Their small size, strong highland conformation, color, friendly disposition, and traceable blood lines, put them in a category of their own. but with their scarcity, we could only have so many babies every year, and not nearly enough to meet our growing demand...until now.


With the reality of genetics breeding and embryo transfers, we have already begun to make this mini Scottish highland breed a possibility for many families to own. 

We have partnered with a very respected dairy farm, and a team of four accomplished embryologists. with this team in place, our unparalleled breeding program, and quality animals, it's a first of its kind in being able to offer this number of animals in this caliber. 


these baby calves will be born between Early 2022 through summer 2022.

We are currently taking deposits on a progressive staged pricing structure.

this embryo program is history in the making. if you have additional questions regarding this program, or are wanting to move forward with securing any calves, Please feel free to text, email, or message us through Instagram or on Facebook

not only do we have babies for sale, we are also selling straws of our amazing 34.5" Micro Miniature Bull, Ohno. Supply is limited, so be sure to reserve enough straws for your anticipated breeding needs.  Straws are $700 each, with a $1500 refundable deposit*


*refundable upon the return of our genetics shipping container.  

Our herd consists of only ten hand-selected miniature and micro miniature cattle, none of which are over 38" tall.  Our only bull, Ohno, is a 34.5" micro miniature Scottish Highland who is full grown and, in our opinion, second to none in miniature cattle.  All of our calves are sired by Ohno.  

We typically sell our calves weaned at six-months-old, but each calf buyer can take delivery of their baby and bottle feed at their ranch taking all accountability for the calves health and well being .   We love our animals and don't feel like it would be right to ship them off across the country to a new owner sight unseen.  That being said, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  Whether you're looking to buy or are just a fan of our animals, we'd love to hear from you!

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Email: info@microminicattle.com